April 2017 Conflict Update: Ethiopia, Kashmir, Mali, Myanmar, Yemen

Latest news and analysis on under-reported conflicts from around the world. The Conflict Update page is a new component of Geopolitical Conflict, and is set to become a regular feature on the site each month, linking to in-depth analysis of under-reported conflicts from trusted external sources.

This month’s round-up looks at the decades-old conflict in Kashmir, Ethiopia’s ongoing state of emergency, Yemen’s worsening civil war, instability in northern Mali, violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, and the West’s increasingly contradictory battle against IS.

Yemen’s civil war has now entered its third year, with little sign of an end to the violence (Image Source: Ibrahem Qasim)

Are Yemenis Expecting a Breakthrough in their Civil War?

Are Yemenis expecting a breakthrough in their conflict? Will there be an end to the war between Houthi rebels and their allies in former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah al-Saleh’s loyalist camp on one side and the internationally-recognized government’s forces and their Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) backers on the other? Steps towards the ascendancy of a new Yemeni leader and the withdrawal of Saudi-led coalition forces are in the works.

Read the full article on International Policy Digest


Why Ethiopia is keeping its State of Emergency in Place

In late March, lawmakers in Ethiopia voted unanimously to extend the country’s state of emergency for four more months. The emergency was first imposed last October as violence escalated following more than a year of anti-government protests. The protests have largely occurred in the Oromia and Amhara regions, the homelands of the country’s two biggest ethnic groups who complain of being marginalized by the central government.

Read the full article on World Politics Review


A Fresh Crisis in the Kashmir Valley

On April 9, the Kashmir Valley saw a fresh bout of violence and protests during the voting for the Srinagar parliamentary constituency. Instances of violence were noted in many places, with reports describing incidents of stone pelting on polling stations, sabotage, pitched battles between security forces and protesters, and obstructing the poll officials from performing their duties. The day ended with eight civilian deaths at the hands of Indian security forces.

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‘One step forward, two steps back’ for Stability in Northern Mali

The arrival of interim authorities in northern Mali, combined with the launch of joint security patrols involving soldiers and former rebels underline the government’s determination to make significant headway this year toward implementing a stagnating 2015 peace accord with separatist insurgents in the region. But both efforts have run into trouble, and the recently announced alliance of three jihadi groups is a reminder that the threat of disruptive extremist violence isn’t going away.

Read the full article on World Politics Review


What’s Next for Myanmar’s Rakhine State?

Four months after a retaliatory counterinsurgency campaign plunged Myanmar’s western coast into the depths of a humanitarian crisis, the government suddenly, and without much fanfare, declared the military operation over as of February 9. For beleaguered Rakhine State and the tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims displaced by the recent violence, this cessation marked a barely perceptible shift in a long-entrenched conflict.

Read the full article on The Diplomat


Defeating the Islamic State: A War Mired in Contradictions

President Donald J. Trump’s vow to defeat what he terms radical Islamic terrorism forces the United States to manoeuvre the Middle East and North Africa’s murky world of ever shifting alliances and labyrinth of power struggles within power struggles. The pitfalls are complex and multiple.

Read the full article on International Policy Digest




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